Dr. Deborah Golden

Department of Leadership and Policy in Education

Department of Counseling and Human Development

University of Haifa


debbi golden
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I was born in South Africa, grew up in London and live and work in Israel. I graduated from University College London and am a social anthropologist by training.

I am Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, where I ​teach on the programme for Education, Culture and Society and on the Multidisciplinary Programme for Early Childhood Education and Development.

My research consists of an ongoing inquiry into the quest to nurture a deep sense of cultural belonging among new members of society, namely immigrants and children. I seek to bring an anthropological perspective to my research – the use of fine-grained ethnographic study to take a close, yet comparatively-informed, look at the ways in which cultural understandings and social processes are given meaning and form in everyday practices, with a particular focus on educational settings.