Supervision Ph.D. Students

Date Of Completion




Awarded, 2017

"Value-added fun": Constructing Childhood at the Israeli Children's Museum

Prof. Tamar Katriel

Hadas Nezer Dagan

Awarded, 2019

Contemporary Israeli Parenting through the Prism of Travel: An Ethnography of Family Backpacking in India

Chen Ya'ari

In progress

The Establishment of Semi-Private Education In Israel: An Ethnographic Study of an Educational System in Flux

Amit Rottman-Zur

In progress

Gift-giving between Parents and Children: An Ethnographic Study of Israeli Middle-class Families

Prof. Clara Sabbagh

Lee Rozman-Papier

In progress

The Possibility Of "Dialogue" in an Educational Institution: An Ethnographic Study of Two Israeli High Schools

Dr. Arie Kizel

Rotem Kaplan

In progress

Equal Citizens: Participation in an Intercultural Dialogue Group as a Means of Social Inclusion for Israeli Ethiopian and Israeli Old-Timer Women Living in the Periphery

Yael Skorkowitz