Selected Publications

Mothering and education

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Teaching kids how to belong

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Teaching immigrants how to belong

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Hebrew version: ובעברית

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Distributive justice

Sabbagh, Clara and Deborah Golden (2007). Reflecting upon etic and emic perspectives on distributive justice. Social Justice Research, 20, 372-387

Golden, Deborah and Clara Sabbagh (2005) Immigration and Justice: The Allocation of Goods to Russian Newcomers in Israel. Contemporary Justice Review 8(3), 251-264.

Writing about doing research

Golden, Deborah (2019). Preliminary encounters with the data: Hugging the teacher. London, United Kingdom: SAGE Publications, Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781526495174

Golden, Deborah and Lauren Erdreich (2017). A Cross-Cultural Ethnographically Informed Interview Study: Mothering and Educating Among Middle-Class Mothers in Israel, SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2, DOI:

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Writing about teaching

Golden, Deborah and Freema Elbaz-Luwisch (2007). Exhibiting lives.Teaching Education, 18 (4), 283-298.

Writing about other people's writing

Golan, Oren and Deborah Golden, (2017). Book Review: Education, Society and Justice by Clara Sabbagh and Liat Biberman-Shalev. Israeli Sociology 18 (2):255-257 (Hebrew).

Golden, Deborah (2015). Book Review: Immigrant youth who excel: Globalization's uncelebrated heroes by Rivka A. Eisikovits, Megamot (נ(ת 1: 375-377.

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Golden, Deborah (2006). On the Potential Power of Words – Discussion ofDialogic Moments by Tamar Katriel. Soziologia Yisraelit, 142-145 (Hebrew).

Golden, Deborah (2008) Making Your Selves at Home: A Close Look at the Notion of "Klitat Aliyah". Sh'ma – Journal of Jewish Responsibility

Other interests

Golden, Deborah (1996). The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora Tells a Story. In Tom Selwyn (ed.), The Tourist Image: Myths and Myth Making in Tourism, pp. 223-250. London: John Wiley & Sons.